EuroHarmony VA Winter Press Release

EuroHarmony VA is marking the onset of winter with the release of a new ski-equipped variant of the Twin Otter for our “WILD” bush flying Division. Pilots can now keep flying to airfields in Canada and the USA that might be unreachable by other planes and we’re even going to fly glacier charters for those tourists who want to walk on the ice. Structural airframe icing is even simulated on our Twotter thanks to a fantastic gauge by Charles Owen so bush flying has truly never been more challenging!

For those pilots who prefer big airliner action there’s still time to join in our Winter ProPilot Event which traces the route of the Trans-Siberian railway using a very appropriate modern Russian jet, the Antonov 148 – the first leg is still open for new pilots until December 11th. With the latest version of our proprietary Flight Logger software due before Christmas, there’s never been a better time to sample all the choices on Continue reading


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