ATAv Begins Flights in the 737-300

American Trans Air Virtual today proudly announced it had begun operating revenue flights in it’s newest fleet addition, the Boeing 737-300!

"Most airlines have drastically cut down their fleets in attempts to conserve cash, and this makes the news even more terrific," said CEO Nick Bartolotta. He continued saying, "ATA now has the ability to designate it’s four other aircraft types in a more competitive manner."

Scheduling Director Randy Jackson, who is responsible for ATAv’s flights, commented, "This is a happy moment for both ATA and ATAv as it means an addition to our fleet and which for ATA has a capacity more in line with the demands for the seats."

The following flights have now been re-assigned to the Boeing 737-300:
ATA 4224 from Chicago to New York
ATA 4215 from New York to Chicago
ATA 4952 from Chicago to Dallas
ATA 4262 from Dallas to Chicago
ATA 4296 from Chicago to Washington DC
ATA 4297 from Washington DC to Chicago

Also, the original ferry flight that N401TZ flew from the real-world ATA hanger at Indianapolis, has been added to the schedules for eligible pilots (ATA 7252 from Indianapolis to Chicago).

Rob Tompson, from USAToday Virtual, during the press conferance this afternoon, asked about the reasons ATA had to buy the 737-300. "Why would an airline that is trying to cut costs buy an aircraft?" Nick Bartolotta explained, "As we heard yesterday, regarding ATA’s new expansion, the 737-800 fleet will need to operate those flights. Since ATA’s 737-800′s are over-water certified (ETOPS), they will be moved to mainly flying the West Coast/Hawaii flights. ATA still needed aircraft to replace the few flights on East Coast routes, where the 737-800 was no longer flying, and therefore saw the 737-300 as the perfect fit!"

The move comes a day after ATA announced for the first time since May 2005, it would add four new cities, in a show of financial stability. As the airline draws nearer to exiting Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, it will be adding service to Ontario, CA (KONT), Oakland, CA (KOAK), Houston, TX (KHOU) and Hilo, HI (PHTO).

As ATAv enters its 14th month of operations, the company is bringing more convenient, value-based service to the virtual skies. ATAv provides features pilots have come to expect, including an advanced pre-flight dispatch system, over 1000 flights worlwide, an active forum, simplified and professional website, and a staff team who is completly dedicated to the airline.

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