Pilot International Phrase Booklet Released

Fly UK Virtual Airways has now started its venture into becoming multilingual by compiling the new ‘Pilot International Phrase Booklet’.  The ‘Pilot International Phrase Booklet’ includes a variety of common phrases, that are used day to day and aviation related, in 13 languages including Spanish, Romanian, Czech and German.  This is only V1.0 and it is intended in the next version to include some new features such as more languages and more translations.

"At Fly UK, we are always trying to broaden our horizons and we felt necessary to try and attract more international pilots and allow our pilots to have an insight into the variety of languages worldwide.  Although our pilots may have problems saying the translations, they are able to copy and paste the translations into the multiplayer chat box to say thanks to the Air Traffic Controller or talk to an international pilot via private chat” commented Tim Chambers, a Senior Manager at Fly UK Virtual Airways.

It is intended that Fly UK will become even more multilingual during the course of this year, and perhaps getting an increase in the number of international pilots throughout the process.

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To obtain a copy of the ‘Pilot International Phrase Booklet’, please visit the download page (scroll to bottom of page)


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