MSA Pre-Opening Progress Report

Miami Sky Airways (MSA) has published the plans for the young airline, scheduled to open in the middle of June.  Jose Obregon, CEO of the starting airline announced the progress that MSA has made early Sunday afternoon.

"We just wanted to spread out the news that have been going on at MSA. First, I would like to state that the progress at MSA has been huge. From our website to our Fleet. The MSA staff has been working really hard", he commented to VaFlash reporters.
On May 10th, 2006 CEO Jose Obregon and CEO Daniel Doorgakant of Phoenix Travel Airlines (PTA) signed a contact uniting MSA and PTA. This means PTA is now a sub airline of MSA, based at London Heathrow Airport.

MSA will be centered in the United States, while Phoenix Travel will be operating routes throughout Europe with a single connecting route across the pond.

Final plans were also announced as MSA purchased the airline fleet, including:

15 Boeing 737-700
5 CRJ-900
5 Embraer 170

The airline said it has plans to add a Boeing 757 aircraft by August.

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