VATSIM makes the Wall Street Journal

On Thursday May 18th the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) received a great publicity boost when the front page of the Wall Street Journal featured an article headlined "In imaginary skies, would-be controllers guide pretend pilots".

"It describes the experiences of pilots and controllers on VATSIM, and shows the international spread of this online community, with examples of members from the USA, Israel, Cyprus, Lithuania, and China" said Ruth McTighe, VATSIM Vice President of Communications.

There are nearly 109,000 registered users who fly their flight sims online, with real time air traffic control provided by VATSIM's own trained Air Traffic Controllers, sitting at home behind simulated radar screens.

The article can be accessed subscription free at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at, and a scanned copy of the original article is at


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