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Updates at AAVG

AmericanAirways Virtual Group (AAVG), launching June 3rd, has revealed possible changes and updates that will be taking place prior to it's opening.

"A site upgrade is possible before the opening and if so, it will be much more professional than what it is now", announced Connor Levens, President and CEO of AAVG.

Levens also indicated a possible change in the airline's PIREP system before the launching, from the current manual system to an automated interface.

He also communicated the airlines intention of utilizing FSPassengers and FSACARS.

"FSACARS will also be put into affect in the 3rd quarter, as well as FsPassengers."

AAVG's fleet will include both the modern aircraft used by AmericanAirlines® and historic aircraft that are no longer in operation by the real airline.

For more information visit AAVG at:


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