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vaBase Overhauled: New Look and New Price

PIREP system and virtual airline management software provider vaBase ( has decided to revamp its website in an effort to reinvigorate its web presence. Created by a group of skilled developers who recognized a need for affordable, customizable and highly professional, automated scripts for virtual airlines, vaBase has also recently reworked its price-point making the cutting-edge software system more affordable than ever before. Prices for vaBase have dropped to just £19.99 / $29.99 for the full system. Currently on release is vaBase v2.0 Deluxe, packed full of smart accessories to compliment a VA including ACARS scripts, fully automated PIREP system, flight planning software and more.

Myles Knight, when talking about the new v2.0 release said, “We have now also included vaBase flight planner into the package at no extra cost giving [the consumers] the opportunity to build a feature rich virtual airline at minimal cost.” He went on to say, “[this enables the consumer] to keep up with today’s competition! We have also taken the approach of building a one-stop-shop for VA entrepreneurs with our new design service.”

This move puts vaBase in direct competition with leading VA software provider, Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS), with vaBase offering more services and capabilities, personalized support and service, and even a webhosting service for virtual airlines looking for a new home on the web– all at a significantly lower cost than the competition. Interested airlines should check out the new vaBase website at


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