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Eagle Wings Virtual Spots Late December Launch

Virtual airline newcomer, Eagle Wings Virtual ( is looking for a late December 2008 launch for its proposed passenger service serving the Eastern European market. Under development since Fall 2008, Eagle Wings Virtual is looking to join the ever-changing landscape of the virtual airline marketplace. Their goal is to differentiate their airline from other virtual airlines by providing their pilots the opportunity to grow as the airline grows.

Eagle Wings C.E.O. Ivan Ozvatic shared details about the new organization saying, “current plans call for a hub in Zagreb, [Croatia] (LDZA) with a fleet of turboprops, medium and large jets in passenger configuration.” He went on to say, “our ultimate goal here at Eagle Wings Virtual Airline is to provide the pilot with an organized, fun, and professional atmosphere where they can truly enjoy the pleasure of being an airline pilot in a growing community.”

The airline, which is registered with VA Financial Systems (VAFS), hopes to open before the end of the year and Eagle Wings management anticipates enrollment to be hearty and brisk. Eagle Wings will be an IVAO operated airline and will give its members a chance to both learn and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting using Microsoft Flight Simulation software.

Interested pilots should visit their website at:


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