Virtual FlyMonarch Set to Emerge January 2009

U.K.-based Virtual FlyMonarch is just days away from their proposed January 4, 2009 entry into the virtual aviation market. Modeled after the real-world operations of Monarch Airlines, Virtual FlyMonarch is looking to provide charter and low-cost services in the same fashion and tradition as their real-world counterparts. Separating the company from the competition is their use of fully-rendered aircraft models incorporating the latest flight management computer (FMC) software ensuring the Virtual FlyMonarch experience is as real as it gets. However, the use of such complicated models means pilots will need to be familiar with the aircraft systems prior to their first flight with the airline. In most cases, the aircraft that comprises the Virtual FlyMonarch fleet will be payware.

In addition, all flights will be on the VATSIM or IVAO networks to further add to the realism of the Virtual FlyMonarch Experience. Interested pilots should check their website as the January 4, 2009 launch date approaches for more information at:


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