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Cirrus Appoints Vice President of Operations

Today officials at new start-up airline Cirrus Air announced the appointment of Dan Genaw to the Vice President of Operations position. A real-world pilot, Dan operates the CRJ-700 for Go Jet, “I feel that his real-world experience and love for aviation will benefit Cirrus Air in more ways than one”, stated founder Jeremy Ballsmith.

“I am very excited to be given the opportunity to become apart of an airline with a clean slate, an airline that has yet to be built. I look forward to working with Jeremy and others on the Cirrus Air project, as well as those pilots who we hope to have join someday. I am confident in the Cirrus vision and in its people”, stated Genaw at a press conference.

With opening dates for Cirrus not yet released the airline still stands within the developmental stage, “Finally having a Vice President of Operations now we can start working on the major aspects to the airline, which range from details on routes to the completion of the airlines website and systems.”

However, despite the appointment of Dan Genaw as Vice President of Operations , the Human Resources Manager position is still open, the airline has plans to appoint someone to the HR position within the week.

A website is currently not available, however anyone interested can contact Cirrus at


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