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Air Mokum To Receive New Aircraft

Air Mokum announces the arrival of its Fokker 100 “New York” ! This new aircraft will be used on routes from Amsterdam to destinations in Europe.

Together with this new addition to the fleet the airline is also happy to confirm that it has sucessfully negotiated timeslots at Gatwick EGKK airport.

“[This is] making us the only true Dutch carrier operatings flights to that destination, ” CEO Tom Divendal told reporters.

The airline is still growing. Recent additions include a brand new office website, the introduction of the airline’s own teamspeak server and their first event, called Milan Rush hourm taking place today.

IVAO pilots
Officials within Air Mokum told reporters the airline is looking for IVAO-registered pilots, as the airline is trying to become an IVAO registered airline.

Says Mr Divendal, “We are still looking for some enthousiastic people to enrich our airline. With our recent addition of a Fokker 100 together with a schedule expansion we are looking for more crew to operate on our flights. We would love to be a registered IVAO airline so people with a IVAO ID are very very welcome.”


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