Skybus Airlines Is Officially Up And Flying

The bright orange-painted Spirit of Columbus – one of the two Airbus A319s that Skybus is operating on its initial routes – will be pushed back from the gate at Port Columbus on schedule at 9:00 Tuesday morning bound for Richmond ,Va .

All Skybus flights will board from the ground, using a ramp to the front door and stairs at the back door. The method is quicker and more cost-effective than using a ramp as most major airlines do at Port Columbus.

The plane holds 153 passengers. Among those taking the maiden voyage were Skybus CEO Justin Caughenbaugh, CFO Joe Poston, President Jason Fausnaugh and Vice President Michael Herron. They were joined by dozens of jubilant vacationers such as Vicki and Dean of Canal Winchester, who said Skybus’ low fares made possible a long-standing wish to visit the Richmond Area.

“I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful state, and people don’t want to come back,” said Vicki.

Although the Simses weren’t able to get the lowest fares of $10 each way before taxes and fees, said the $105 they paid was still much less than what it would have cost prior to the launch of Skybus.

Sitting on the tarmac awaiting an expected 5 p.m. takeoff to Kansas City was Skybus’ second plane, which features a giant ad for Nationwide on its fuselage. Skybus is seeking paid advertising on the exterior and interior of its jets as a way of raising more revenue.

Skybus is largely modeled after Irish airline Ryanair, which has become Europe’s biggest passenger airline by keeping ticket prices very low and charging for extras such as snacks, checked bags and priority boarding. Checked bags on Skybus cost $5 each for the first two bags, while there is a $10-per-person fee for priority boarding.

The morning’s flight is expected to reach Richmond at 10:15 a.m. there, Richmond is in the central part of Virgina, and about 70 miles from the beaches.

More than 200,000 tickets have been sold for Skybus flights since they went on sale at 6 a.m. on January 2.

The airline offers eight nonstop destinations from Port Columbus: Los Angeles, via Burbank, Calif.; San Diego, ; Kansas City, Mo.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Richmond, Va.; the Boston market, via Portsmouth, N.H.;, via Bellingham, Wash.; and Greensboro/Winston-Salem, N.C. ST. Augustine, Fla.


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  • Jeremy Ballsmith says:

    Nice re-make, only your site needs a little fixing up and editing. Other than that its looking very similar to the real-world version. Too bad they are defunct.


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