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InterContinental Releases Custom Made Electronic Flight Bag

InterContinental Airways has reopened its doors with a brand new, custom made application powering a new type of pilot experience.

  • The new application offers:
  • pre-flight information with weight distribution, fuel, passengers, preferred route, altitude and aircraft history, weather and much more
  • type ratings
  • shared flights and type ratings with Tarom VA (european based VA with over 200 members)
  • flight assignments
  • Flight search
  • Departures and arrivals for any airport

“Currently we have hubs in KJFK, KATL and KLAX, however our route system includes many of your favorite worldwide destinations. Our fleet is all payware models, so only textures are available, “  says CEO Florin Petrutiu.

The airline’s fleet currently consists of:

  • Flight 1 ATR 72-500
  • Wilco CRJ-200
  • PMDG 737-700 with winglets (-600 and 900 will join under the same type rating)
  • Level D Boeing 767-300ER
  • Wilco Airbus A330-200

Pilots are free to fly any flights either on our or partner VA route system given they have the appropriate type ratings.

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