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Staff Changes at Cirrus Air

Today officials at new start-up airline Cirrus Air announced the changes in Staff at the airline, and the upcoming available staff position. Recent changes have occured at Cirrus Air, Quinn Rogness announced yesterday his resignation from Human Resources Manager. “I feel that the moment isn’t right for me to be here at Cirrus Air, wishing the airline all the luck in the world I herby render my resignation”, stated Quinn Rogness.

As a result, Dan Genaw appointed Clayton Lochner to the position of Human Resources Manager. “We feel that the hard work, determination and past experience Clayton has will be beneficial to the position. We are more than confident in his abilities and are excited to get to work on opening the airline”, stated Dan Genaw at a Press Release.

“I am more than honored to take on the added responsibility and am grateful in the trust Cirrus Executives have shown in me”, Stated Clayton.


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