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MetroAir Announces Acquisition of Cirrus Air

Kansas City, MO – On July 1st, MetroAir Virtual Airlines and Cirrus Air held a joint press conference at Cirrus’ headquarters in Chicago.

The boards of both airlines — which operate more than 600 daily flights combined — approved the acquisition of Cirrus by MetroAir for an undisclosed figure in closed door meetings Wednesday afternoon. The Cirrus brand will be dissolved but the route network will be absorbed into MetroAir’s system. The merger combines MetroAir’s strengths on the coast lines with Cirrus’ routes originating in Chicago and Jacksonville.

When asked why Cirrus was agreeing to an acquisition Cirrus CEO, Jeremy Ballsmith, said “In an unfortunate situation, I feel that Metro is the best possible guardian of the Cirrus Air legacy. Over the past two years many including myself have worked hard to operate Cirrus in a realistic and professional manner. Continue reading


Cirrus Air Open for Business

Hyde Park, IL – After countless months of development and reorganization, Cirrus Air announced on May 10th that as of May 21st the airline would once again take to the skies with new aircraft, destinations, site and organizational structure. “Through the efforts of countless people we have successfully reorganized our airline from the fleet to our Pilot Operations Handbook, making Cirrus Air a more efficient airline”, stated Jeremy Ballsmith.

The improvements Cirrus has made in the past few months include a new website, system, addition of the Q400, over 10 new destinations including mainline services and a new regional service in the northeast, and our new POH. Cirrus has created an all new POH for its members, detailed and more specific to our operations Cirrus has worked to create a more efficient environment.

Dash Q 400 Introduced into service…
Cirrus Air has ordered 10 Dash Q 400 aircraft all assigned to regional routes Continue reading


Cirrus Air to Resume Operations

Hyde Park, IL – Last week, officials at Cirrus Air gathered to discuss the possible reorganization of Cirrus Air and its operations. At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided that Cirrus Air would take to the skies once again with a new vision, goal and objective. Starting from the old website and systems, Cirrus would return to its previous operations only to rebuild the staff team at which point, reorganization would commence.

In an attempt to fill remaining positions, Cirrus is currently accepting applications for both the Chicago Midway Hub Manager, and the Director of Human Resources positions. Both positions require previous experience and will be filled by a person motivated to see Cirrus become a successful organization. Continue reading


Cirrus Air Expands To Jacksonville

The officials at Chicago-based Cirrus Air have announced today that it will soon be expanding it’s operations to a brand new base of operations in the southern United States. The new ‘Focus City’ will be based at Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, FL. Continue reading


Cirrus Air Takes Off

Today with much excitement officials at new start-up carrier Cirrus Air, announced the opening of operations to commence on April 25th, 2009. This announcement comes after completion of the airline’s website and systems was announced on the 21st of April. Continue reading


Staff Changes at Cirrus Air

Today officials at new start-up airline Cirrus Air announced the changes in Staff at the airline, and the upcoming available staff position. Recent changes have occured at Cirrus Air, Quinn Rogness announced yesterday his resignation from Human Resources Manager. “I feel that the moment isn’t right for me to be here at Cirrus Air, wishing the airline all the luck in the world I herby render my resignation”, stated Quinn Rogness. Continue reading


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