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Cirrus Air Open for Business

Hyde Park, IL – After countless months of development and reorganization, Cirrus Air announced on May 10th that as of May 21st the airline would once again take to the skies with new aircraft, destinations, site and organizational structure. “Through the efforts of countless people we have successfully reorganized our airline from the fleet to our Pilot Operations Handbook, making Cirrus Air a more efficient airline”, stated Jeremy Ballsmith.

The improvements Cirrus has made in the past few months include a new website, system, addition of the Q400, over 10 new destinations including mainline services and a new regional service in the northeast, and our new POH. Cirrus has created an all new POH for its members, detailed and more specific to our operations Cirrus has worked to create a more efficient environment.

Dash Q 400 Introduced into service…
Cirrus Air has ordered 10 Dash Q 400 aircraft all assigned to regional routes throughout the northeast from Chicago Midway’s airport. Cirrus Air has added more than 13 new destinations throughout the US to its service check out our new routes at:

Cirrus Air has also created a new, “Open Door Policy” built to put our pilots in charge of airline development. We are interested in what our pilots want, think and what they wish for in their virtual airline, and we answer all wishes to the best of our abilities. Read more through our website homepage.

For staff openings please visit us online at and go to our “Careers” Section for openings, details and information on how to apply! For our pilots out there,  there are two opportunities available in pilot openings; these are the Dash and Airbus categories. Based on prior experience pilots will be categorized accordingly, visit our “careers / ranking system” section for more information.

In conclusion we truly hope that you are impressed with the tremendous amount of progress we have made in an effort to reorganize and improve Cirrus Air as a whole. We invite you to visit our website at our new location at


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