MetroAir Announces IAD2BWI Event!

Join us on Saturday November 12th at 8pm EST on Teamspeak and Vatsim for a special farewell event to mark the end of Washington Dulles’s 4 year service as a MetroAir Hub and to welcome Baltimore as our new East Coast home. The event will allow for a fly-out of IAD or a fly-in to BWI. If you’re feeling adventurous, do both!

If you do plan on doing both the fly-out and the fly-in, here are some suggested routes to allow you to complete all legs within the scheduled time for the event.

IAD>Raleigh>BWI Continue reading


MetroAir Virtual Announces Staff Changes

From the Desk of Lindle J. Romero :

It is with great sadness that I announce that Derrick Medlin has tendered his resignation as hub manager to the executives.  Derrick has been not only a hub manager but a friend, confidant, and mentor to the entire pilot base as a whole.  I’m happy to report that he will remain on as a pilot and has not ruled out the possibility of returning to staff one day.  You will continue to see him flying online for the Kansas City Krushers, as well as seeing him on Teamspeak, etc.  I speak for the entire executive team, staff and pilots of MetroAir when extending our sincerest “Thank you” to Derrick Continue reading


MetroAir Announces Acquisition of Cirrus Air

Kansas City, MO – On July 1st, MetroAir Virtual Airlines and Cirrus Air held a joint press conference at Cirrus’ headquarters in Chicago.

The boards of both airlines — which operate more than 600 daily flights combined — approved the acquisition of Cirrus by MetroAir for an undisclosed figure in closed door meetings Wednesday afternoon. The Cirrus brand will be dissolved but the route network will be absorbed into MetroAir’s system. The merger combines MetroAir’s strengths on the coast lines with Cirrus’ routes originating in Chicago and Jacksonville.

When asked why Cirrus was agreeing to an acquisition Cirrus CEO, Jeremy Ballsmith, said “In an unfortunate situation, I feel that Metro is the best possible guardian of the Cirrus Air legacy. Over the past two years many including myself have worked hard to operate Cirrus in a realistic and professional manner. Continue reading


MetroAir Virtual Launches MetroMiles™ Program

MetroAir Virtual has launched MetroMiles™, a new program for pilots. Captain Antti Karjalainen submitted the name MetroMiles™ and was officially adopted after an airline vote last week.

Like a frequent flyer program, pilots will earn miles for completing certain tasks and reaching milestones which help support MetroAir. Pilots will also have the opportunity to spend their MetroMiles™ with rewards such as bidding on charter flights and the opportunity to influence MetroAir’s next destination.

MetroMiles Card
Visit the MetroAir website to learn more about MetroMiles.


MetroAir Virtual Appoints New East Coast Operations Director and Adds New Routes

ROMULUS, MI, February 24th 2010 – Today Kim Gesch, Chief Operating Officer for MetroAir Virtual presented Cody Wilson as the new East Coast Operations Director. Wilson only joined MetroAir Virtual October 31st, 2009, but has evolved rapidly and was seeking ways of contributing more to the airline. MetroAir Virtual is very happy that Wilson gladly accepted the position he had been offered. In his new position as East Coast Operations Director he will be responsible for managing the schedules for both Washington, DC and Fort Lauderdale, FL operations.

Together with COO, Kim Gesch the newly appointed East Coast Operations Director is pleased to announce that, after extensive evaluation of the potential markets to be served from Kansas City, service flights to Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Oklahoma City and New Orleans are available as of today. Continue reading


MetroAir Virtual Airlines Resumes Flights to Honolulu

Romulus, MI (AP) -  Metro Air Virtual Airlines announced today it would be resuming flights from its hub at Ontario International Airport to Honolulu International Airport.  The Airline had discontinued flights a few months ago due to restructuring of their Airbus A330 route structure.  The route will now be run with members of its Airbus A319 fleet.

Chief Operating Officer Kim Gesch explained the reasoning behind the restructuring in a brief statement issued to the press.

“Recently we found our Airbus A330 fleet was losing money.  Our operations team analyzed the old route structuring and found that, under our current cost structuring, Ontario to Honolulu was not an optimal route for the A330.  Furthermore, we wanted to shift our focus with the A330 to international, transatlantic flights. Continue reading


MetroAir Inks Charter Deal With National Madden League

Romulus, MI - MetroAir Virtual Airlines successfully won the bid to charter the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs of the National Madden League. All charter operations for The NML will be utilizing the A321 aircraft. Charter flights will depart the team’s home city prior to their away games. Return flights to the team’s home city will follow after the game.

Details on individual charter flights will be made prior to each game.  Multiple pilots will be able to fly the same bid, but you must bid on the flight prior to the game. The flights will not be allowed to be bid on after the start of a game. Pilots must meet the minimum type ratings required for the A321 aircraft to fly these charter flights.  Specialized liveries for both teams will be made available for pilots.

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