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MetroAir Virtual Appoints New East Coast Operations Director and Adds New Routes

ROMULUS, MI, February 24th 2010 – Today Kim Gesch, Chief Operating Officer for MetroAir Virtual presented Cody Wilson as the new East Coast Operations Director. Wilson only joined MetroAir Virtual October 31st, 2009, but has evolved rapidly and was seeking ways of contributing more to the airline. MetroAir Virtual is very happy that Wilson gladly accepted the position he had been offered. In his new position as East Coast Operations Director he will be responsible for managing the schedules for both Washington, DC and Fort Lauderdale, FL operations.

Together with COO, Kim Gesch the newly appointed East Coast Operations Director is pleased to announce that, after extensive evaluation of the potential markets to be served from Kansas City, service flights to Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Oklahoma City and New Orleans are available as of today. Continue reading


Eagle Wings Virtual Optimizes Operations

Following the recent economic downfall and a period of negative growth for Eagle Wings a decision has been made to optimize and consolidate our operations.

The first step in this process is the implementation of a minimum flight rule. Affective 01.10.2009. all Eagle Wings pilots will be obligated to fly at least ONE flight using VAFS in a period of 60 days. Continue reading


Delta VA pilots have better weather

Today Delta Virtual Airlines announced a pioneering breakthrough in the graphical display of meteorological data. This week, the airline integrated a “future radar” product into all aspects of its industry-leading ACARS infrastructure. Now, Delta Virtual (and Air France Virtual) pilots, web site visitors and dispatchers can see projected radar imagery for the continental United States in 15 minute increments up to six hours in the future. Continue reading


Your Perception switches to new operations platform

Your Perception today announced that the VA successfully achieved to integrate a new operations platform in the Virtual airline. The management decided to switch to VAfinancials, because of its easiness of use for our pilots and the realism provided.
Continue reading


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