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Cirrus Air to Resume Operations

Hyde Park, IL – Last week, officials at Cirrus Air gathered to discuss the possible reorganization of Cirrus Air and its operations. At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided that Cirrus Air would take to the skies once again with a new vision, goal and objective. Starting from the old website and systems, Cirrus would return to its previous operations only to rebuild the staff team at which point, reorganization would commence.

In an attempt to fill remaining positions, Cirrus is currently accepting applications for both the Chicago Midway Hub Manager, and the Director of Human Resources positions. Both positions require previous experience and will be filled by a person motivated to see Cirrus become a successful organization.

Over the next few weeks, new development from within Cirrus Air will be announced. Developments include everything from New Site and more efficient crew center systems, new destinations, increased number of fleet, new aircraft, new regional service, redesigned and rebuilt ACARS system, staff, and a new approach to the Virtual Airline business model.

“We look forward to coming back into the virtual airline industry, with a new look towards doing business we move forward, not looking back on our past but looking forward into our future. A future I and everyone else at Cirrus Air hopes you will become apart of at some point in time”, commented Jeremy Ballsmith, airline CEO.

Cirrus Air remains at its recent website address of and all are welcomed to join! For more information contact us today through our site, and one of the team members will get back with you quickly. In regards to applying to one of our open positions you may do so by sending your resume into our CEO directly at


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