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Global Air Cargo Hires New Staff and Receives New Aircraft

Global Air Cargo Virtual has hired a Chief of Human resources and now has another new job opening. The Job opening is a hub manager position this involves:

  • Submitting a monthly report on how your hub is going
  • Being active in the forums
  • Try to make airline events
  • Fly once a month
  • Have msn and/or skype for staff meetings
  • Knowledge of excel, have a copy of MS excel or open office excel

To apply please send an email with the subject line of staff application to vacancies[at]globalaircargovirtual[dot]org

GACV would like to welcome Daniel Bidddle to the position of Chief of Human resources, he comes to us from the hub manager position at GACV, he has a lot of experience and will do his upmost to help anyone with any questions.

GACV also would like to say that they have received a new aircraft, the Boeing 777-200LRF, it only flies from KLAX to Europe as of now. GACV is in talks with Boeing to acquire more 777-200LRF’s for the future, and possibly base future 777’s at VHHH.

Daniel Counahan
Ceo of Global Air Cargo Virtual


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