Global Air Cargo Virtual Adds New Aircraft and Routes

GACV has had some recent additions to the fleet, they come in the form of the Boeing 777-200LRF and the MD-11 Freighter. With these we have been able to move into new markets such as Mexico and the Caribbean. All from KLAX as both the 777 and MD-11 are solely based at KLAX. The 777 operates all European routes out of KLAX and the MD-11 operates to central and soon to come South America, it also flies into the Caribbean.

Airports that are included are:

  • LFOK – Paris Vatry
  • EDDF – Frankfurt-Main
  • TNCM – Saint Maarten
  • TNCA – Aruba International Airport
  • TNCC – Hato/Curacao International Airport
  • MMMX – Mexico City Continue reading

Global Air Cargo Hires New Staff and Receives New Aircraft

Global Air Cargo Virtual has hired a Chief of Human resources and now has another new job opening. The Job opening is a hub manager position this involves:

  • Submitting a monthly report on how your hub is going
  • Being active in the forums
  • Try to make airline events
  • Fly once a month
  • Have msn and/or skype for staff meetings
  • Knowledge of excel, have a copy of MS excel or open office excel

To apply please send an email with the subject line of staff application to vacancies[at]globalaircargovirtual[dot]org Continue reading


Global Air Cargo Hires Events Manager – Has Openings in HR and VP

Global Air Cargo Virtual’s Vice President has stepped down but has taken up the position of Events manager at GACV. We are sad to see him step down but are greatful that he is not leaving GACV and is staying on as the events manager with us. We now have a few more staff positions open these are:
Chief of Human Resources
Vice President

Chief of Human Resources:


Global Air Cargo Virtual Hiring Events Manager

Global Air Cargo Virtual is looking for an events manager to help in the creation of VA events. The applicant should have the following:

  • Creative thinking
  • Valid vatsim membership(Will be checked)
  • Active within the VA
  • Active within the forums
  • Able to give at least 3hrs a week to think up events
  • some knowledge of HTML
  • msn and/or skype for staff meetings. Continue reading

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