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Global Air Cargo Hires Events Manager – Has Openings in HR and VP

Global Air Cargo Virtual’s Vice President has stepped down but has taken up the position of Events manager at GACV. We are sad to see him step down but are greatful that he is not leaving GACV and is staying on as the events manager with us. We now have a few more staff positions open these are:
Chief of Human Resources
Vice President

Chief of Human Resources:

  • 4 hours of work a week
  • active in the forums
  • able to type in fluent english
  • fly once a month
  • msn and/or skype for staff meetings

Vice President:

  • 5 hours of work
  • active within the forums
  • able to type in fluent english
  • some knowledge of html
  • msn and/or skype
  • fly once a month

To apply send an email with the subject line of staff application to vacancies[at]globalaircargovirtual[dot]org

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Global Air Cargo Virtual


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