Global Air Cargo Virtual Adds New Aircraft and Routes

GACV has had some recent additions to the fleet, they come in the form of the Boeing 777-200LRF and the MD-11 Freighter. With these we have been able to move into new markets such as Mexico and the Caribbean. All from KLAX as both the 777 and MD-11 are solely based at KLAX. The 777 operates all European routes out of KLAX and the MD-11 operates to central and soon to come South America, it also flies into the Caribbean.

Airports that are included are:

  • LFOK – Paris Vatry
  • EDDF – Frankfurt-Main
  • TNCM – Saint Maarten
  • TNCA – Aruba International Airport
  • TNCC – Hato/Curacao International Airport
  • MMMX – Mexico City

We are also looking at opening a hub up in Europe which will be our first hub in the European market for GACV. There are four possibilities, they are:

  • EIDW – Dublin
  • EGLL – London/Heathrow
  • EDDF – Frankfurt-Main
  • EHAM – Schipol

We will be advertising for a hub manager for the new hub should we open one, it is currently in the voting stages. We will let people know before we open the hub.


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