Britannia Air Now Hiring for Open Staff Positions

As the foundations have now been laid for Britannia Air, we are now looking to appoint suitable candidates into the positions currently available. All these positions are unpaid, but you will have the ability to help shape the airline as it grows. The management positions we have available are as follows:

Online Flight Operations Director
Britannia Air is looking to become registered with both VATSIM and IVAO, and we need someone with the relevant knowledge and experience to enable us to do so. This is a senior position, and the post holder will have a free hand to shape and develop the online flight aspect of Britannia Air. If you have experience of developing and managing online VA flight operations, we would really like to hear from you.

3x Hub Managers
As a hub manager, you will assume overall responsibility for operations from your assigned hub. This includes managing flight schedules, administration of PIREPS and general support for other hub members. As Britannia Air is a new and expanding virtual airline, there are real opportunities to help shape the overall operations and management practices. It is preferred that applicants for these positions do have some prior VA management experience, but we would be interested to hear from anyone who is eager and can show commitment.

Publicity Manager
To help Britannia Air grow, and keep growing, we need to be recognised and for people to hear about us. With this in mind, we would like to appoint someone who can help with this. We need someone who can think of ways to draw potential members here, and keep our current members interested. This could be by organising online/ real life events, spreading the Britannia Air name online etc.

Training Officers
Flying with a virtual airline can often be a complex and confusing affair for the newcomer, with a variety of software to get to grips with. Britannia Air membership is open to pilots at all levels of VA experience, and with this in mind, there are going to be new members who need a guiding hand. We would like to be able to offer this, and give new pilots the opportunity to learn the necessary skills for online flying. We would like to hear from anyone who feels they have the experience and commitment to become a Britannia Air Training Officer.

There are a few common basic requirements for all the member facing positions available:

  • We are looking for mature, friendly people.
  • We know people have lives outside their VA, all we ask is that our staff commit as much time as they feel comfortable with. We are flexible and ask our team to be.
  • Commitment is important, as sourcing team members is a difficult and time consuming process. If assisting in building a new community and having a voice in how the community is run is something that excites you then we want to hear from you. Conversely, if you just want to join the team for the status, and aren’t really interested in the future of Britannia Air, it’s a waste of our time and yours if you apply.
  • Most importantly, we want to hear from people who can get involved in this community, have fun and also be helpful. 

It is very important that anyone who is giving up their time for Britannia Air is given recognition and is respected for this too. With this in mind, we will be forming  ways to do so to dedicated and committed staff members.

If you would like to have a chat about the positions available, you can contact me by email at stuart at britair dot net, or you can use the online contact form on our website at
Stuart Boardman
Britannia Air


One Response to Britannia Air Now Hiring for Open Staff Positions

  • Joao Almeida says:

    Hello Stuart,
    I have a vast and quite long experience in Staff Position in several VAs, that would be to long to write about them and specially with the important details that I would like you to know, so if it would be possible I would very much like for us to talk maybe via Skype or some other method that we can use, because there are things that are to be talked not written.
    Tell me something, thanks

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