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Air21 Virtual Airlines Announces Opening Date

This week Air21 Virtual Airlines announced it’s opening, scheduled for March 4, 2010. The retro styled airline based on the real world Air21 features the routes and livery from 1996/1997, the years the real world Air21 was in operation. Award winning pilot and long time Air Fresno VA CEO Peter McKay, along with his daughter Sarah, put the airline together over the last 18 months, researching and contacting former staff to make the virtual airline as authentic as possible. From the Project Fokker F28-4000 aircraft to the actual published timetable, everything is there. Also in the planning is a contemporary take on the airline, scheduled for sometime this summer, that will share the same website. The modern Air21 will use the Project Opensky CRJ-200 and some of the same routes from the 1996 timetable.

Air21 can be found at


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