PMDG Releases MD-11

Today PMDG has announced that its new product, the MD-11, is now available.

Employing a highly skilled team of Technical Advisors from the aviation field, PMDG’s development team has daily input from MD-11 Captains, First Officers, Field Technicians, Training Managers and even engineers involved in the design/build of the airplane at Douglas nearly twenty years ago. All of this technical expertise means that the PMDG MD-11 precisely matches it’s majestic real world counterpart.

The aircraft comes in both an FSX and FS2004 edition.

Features include:

  • 3DSMax MD-11 Model
  • Passenger and Freighter Version
  • Airplane Animations
  • Dynamic Virtual Cockpit
  • Various Panel Perspectives
  • Complete Avionics
  • Internal Lighting
  • Interactive Load Manager
  • Flight Management Computer (FMC)
  • Complete Systems (FMC, Auto Pilot, etc)
  • Customizable Options
  • Accurate Flight Model
  • Failures Module
  • Realistic Sound Set
  • Many Liveries

For more information, visit the PMDG MD-11 product page

Have you bought this aircraft already? Tell us your experiences in the comments


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