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Emerald Air Changes Policy

Emerald Air VA, one of the longest operating and most experienced Irish & British virtual airlines, now operating from 11 hubs across the British Isles, has completely changed its Checkride Policy and Pilot Rank Structure to better meet the demands of its existing and would-be pilots.

The aim of the changes was to allow pilots who do not wish to fly checkrides to obtain higher ratings (and therefore fly bigger and faster aircraft) based on their accumulated flight time only, while providing others who would like to regularly test their skills the opportunity to fly checkrides and be rewarded for their extra effort.

In addition to the above, a spokesman said, “We are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of developing our new, dynamic website that’s going to provide our pilots a new, fresh look, an easy-to-navigate menu, and lots of new features like an automatic PIREP system providing real time roster updates, a personal logbook, a brand new schedules database with a powerful search engine, a company ACARS software, and many more!”.

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