St Paul Airlines new Special Operations Dept.

St Paul Airlines has developed a new Special Operations department beside its regular operations – commercial flights from two hubs in USA with more than 1600 flights on schedule.

This new section offers Charter flights connected with real events Worldwide, Angel flights and a second to none Bush and VFR Operations Division.

This later section (bush ops) already presents more than 1000 challenging short flights and covers many interesting areas such as: European Alps, Alaska, Canada, USA, Antilles, Switzerland, France, Italy, Southern Europe, UK, South Africa, Nepal and Northern India, Papua, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Australia and Tasmania, New Zealand, etc. Furthermore, it also proposes specific seaplane tours, a Pan-American adventure and a Round the World trip.

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One Response to St Paul Airlines new Special Operations Dept.

  • Basset says:

    This virtual airline really presents what I think to be the greatest special operations and bush operations program on the web. And also regular VA activities.
    A must to visit with lots of great links and infos.


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