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Vanity Airways Orders Aircraft

Vanity Group Ltd. has announced plans to buy 6 Boeing B737 aircraft to meet growing demand and continue modernizing its efficient fleet.

The announcement of the purchase came weeks after Vanity Airways announced London Heathrow as its new executive base.

The airline, Europe’s newest virtual airline, said in a statement late Monday that it could not disclose how much it was paying for the planes due to confidentiality requirements.

However, it said vBoeing is charging the company “significantly lower”
than the catalog price due an undisclosed agreement between the two companies.

The planned order involves the purchase of 6 B737-800 aircraft with a possible order of 10 to follow.

At catalog prices, 6 such models would cost between about US$435 million and US$486 million.

Vanity Airways, based in the UK with a hub in Newark, USA, said that it will pay for the planes with a combination of cash and bank loans, and that the aircraft will be delivered 2 at a time from May to July 2009.

A vBoeing spokesman did not immediately return a reporter’s call seeking comment on the timing of the Vanity announcement, which plan to follow a series of plane orders over the next year into 2010.

Vanity Airways earlier bought 6 B737-800s, two Boeing B777-200s and took over several Airbus A320s from the ex FlyEurope Airways.

Also Monday, Vanity Airways announced its increasing tally of profit in the first few months of operations as its seeks to break through by the beginning of 2010 helped by strong passenger demand and its benefits from its new upcoming alliance.


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