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FlyZAP Virtual Airlines Press Release

FlyZap Virtual Airlines is proud to announce that painting on our new livery project has started. This means that we can get moving on the rest of our planned expansions. We are due 4 brand new Airbus A319s fresh from the hangar in Toulouse and we’re currently in the decision making process on whether to replace our current 4 737-400s with modern Boeing 737-800s, or to just paint the new livery on our existing 737-400s.

We are due to start new summer destinations from Luton, Glasgow, Liverpool and Aberdeen to: Madeira, Geneva, Corfu, Crete, Malaga, Tenerife, and many more.

We are also in the process of publishing our first Magazine, ‘Altitude’. It will have many monthly articles such as Monthly Flight ‘From The Cockpit’, Previous Month Statistics, Screenshots, and all the latest FlyZap news in detail. We are looking forward to the finishing of the program to unveil the ‘all new’ FlyZAP Virtual Airlines.

Iain Robb
CEO-FlyZap Virtual Airlines
“Fly High, Fly Fast, FlyZap!”


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