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MetroAir Releases Financial Statement for First Month of the Fiscal Year

Romulus, MI (Reuters)- The Detroit based airline, MetroAir, released a brief statement today with a full financial statement attached.    In the statement, new Chief Financial Officer, Matt Reichelderfer commented on the financial health of the airline.

“MetroAir has seen a good amount of growth since the last financial statement was released.  The airline has basically changed it’s entire fleet to respond to a dynamically changing economic environment.  With the addition of new fleet types came the addition of routes, placing our airline in perfect position to compete even with the larger “brand name” airlines in America.  As you can read for yourself in our financial statement for this month we are in an excellent position to grow and expand into new airports in the future.”

In the previous years there was much speculation about the financial health of the airline as the airline had not released financial data for months. This release seems to have dispelled many of the rumors, and confirmed that MetroAir is in a good financial position to continue its growth in the coming years.

The financial statement can be read here.


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