LAUSA AIR Regional Service City Flyer Introduces the ATR 72-50 into Fleet

LAUSA AIR’s Executive Chairman Daniel Harvey has today official announced a lease to buy deal with Indian operator King Fisher for (5) ATR 72-500 aircraft.  This deal has been negotiated to include code sharing agreement with King Fisher as LAUSA AIR’s City Flyer division expands into Middle East & Asia following the best performance this Division has seen in months.  The first of the five is currently in the Australians hangars of Stormy Design, contracted to LAUSA for all the companies’ aircraft designs.

The ATR 72 is a twin-turboprop short-haul regional airliner built by the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR(Avions de Transport Régional). It seats up to 74 passengers in a single-class configuration and is operated by a two-pilot crew.

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One Response to LAUSA AIR Regional Service City Flyer Introduces the ATR 72-50 into Fleet

  • Joel Cooper says:

    Look forward to rolling out this fantastic city flyer for LAUSA we have just finished rolling out the Boening 747 Freighter in addition to the already many fantastic aircraft I hope that everyone can have a chance to view the liveries as they are the pride of my company here at Stormy Designs.

    Look forward to carrying on our contract well into the future for both LAUSA and Stormy Designs

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