MetroAir Releases Financial Statements for August 2009

Romulus, MI (Reuters)- MetroAir Virtual Airlines released their Financial Statement for August of 2009. The statement showed that the airline was still in the black for a second month in a row, even though the recession is officially still ongoing.

With the statement came a short statement from the desk of Chief Financial Officer Matt Reichelderfer.

“While our profit grew for this month, it must be noted that a large chunk of this profit comes from the sale of our Boeing 757-200W fleet. If this sale is taken away MetroAir’s profit decreased from last month. This can be directly attributed to the discontinuation of the 757 fleet, and with it the majority of our long haul European operations.

However, with the elimination of our 757 fleet, we have managed to reduce cost by running an all Airbus Fleet. We have also replaced revenue that was lost with the discontinuation of service to Europe with the entry into service of the Airbus A320. The majority of those airframes were put into service on Domestic flights.

While this month our profit margin shrunk, we must remember that this is just some minor growing pains. We plan on developing our Domestic route structure even further, and reinforce operations out of Fort Lauderdale and Kansas City. These two cities will be key in MetroAir’s continued financial success.”

A full financial report can be found here


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