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Air Mokum Launches New Site and Inflight Entertainment Service

Amsterdam, NL – Air Mokum, the little airline from Amsterdam is proud to announce that we have finished our new Website!  Our website received a graphical overhaul and is definitely ready for 2009/2010!

We also launched our very own “Inflight Entertainment service” called OnMyWay.  OnMyWay allows you to watch videos, listen to music, play games while enroute to your destination. 

We’re still looking for some enthusiastic souls to expand our community a bit.  What makes us different?  The most honest answer would be nothing, well maybe you should be the judge.  Let’s say we don’t shout off the roofs that were the best, and by saying “Nothing” it actually proves that we’re different..?

By being humble and staying small we possibly differ from the rest. 

What can we offer you as a pilot?

.:: A website which is the result of lot’s of love and passion for Flight Sim
.:: Dedication, we have a very small but dedicated pilot group!
.:: You’re not a number with us but a face with a name! This improves the level of personal contact within the VA and the bond between you and the VA.
.:: Interesting fleet, quality liveries.
.:: Use of FsAirlines, automatic flight reports, always up to date statistics, your personal profile website
.:: OnmyWay, our inflight entertainment gadget
.:: Groupflights
.:: Shoutbox, for all your importent announcement, brilliant one-liners, and must see “links”

Well, take a look at our website if you please,



See you in our office!

Tom Divendal
Air Mokum


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