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Premier Airways Announces Fall Recruitment Drive

Cleveland, Ohio -  Today Premier Airways announces its fall recruitment drive.  We have immediate positions open for pilots desiring to take their hobby of Flight Simulation to the next level.  It doesn’t matter if you are a serious “check list” pilot or a young rookie looking for something more to do than fly circuits at a local airport, Premier Airways wants to add you to our roster.

Our pilots fly for a salary (virtual of course), using the Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS).  Follow this link to view all the advantages of using this system VAFS Every flight you fly with Premier is recorded and you will see “real-time” results of your hard work as you progress through the ranks of Premier Pilots.

Premier Airways is in its 10th year of operation.  It has 7 hubs, 716 routes and over a dozen different airframes to choose from.  There is always going to be something that will excite you when you choose to fly Premier Airways as your Virtual Airline.  Perhaps you like flying more than one aircraft all the time?  Maybe you would prefer a choice of a short hop flying at the controls of a B1900 or cruising during long haul high above the clouds in a 747.  Passenger or Cargo Operations…. we’ve got‘em all.  This is why Premier Airways should be your first choice in Virtual Airlines.

We only have one restriction though.  To be considered as an active pilot we ask our pilots to do at least one flight a month, and with several flight legs as short as 30 minutes there is always a little time to fly.

Come be a part of our exciting future.  We’ve recently started non-stop roundtrip 767-300ER service to Rio from Orlando and beginning November 1st, we start our seasonal flights in Hawaii, which has proven to be very popular during the winter.  Finally, with all this expansion there is always room for more improvement and Premier Airways listens to its pilots.  Just this year Kansas City, Orlando and Thunder Bay were added as hubs initiated via Pilot requests.  We listen to our pilots, because in the end they’re who make or break a successful virtual airline.

Premier Airways is the worldwide airline, with local hospitality.  Come on aboard and see what flying in our skies is like…you’ll be glad you did!!


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