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Air Mokum Seeks Pilots

Air Mokum (Amsterdam) is still looking for +- 5 pilots for our daily operations, regular groupflights and events.

We highly value the small community we are and if you prefer a friendly, personal and warm airline then we
are the VA for you!

What can we offer you as a pilot?

.:: A website which is the result of lot’s of love and passion for the subject
.:: Dedication, we have a small but dedicated pilot group!
.:: You’re not a number with us but a face with a name! This improves the level of personal contact within the VA and the bond between you and the VA.
.:: Interesting fleet, quality liveries.
.:: Automatic flight reports, always up to date statistics, your personal profile website,  Flight tracking
.:: OnmyWay, our inflight entertainment gadget, creating playlists for your flight never was so easy
.:: Groupflights, events. We purchased several Cessna’s for our special VFR events
.:: Shoutbox, for all your importent announcement, brilliant onliners, and must see “links”
.:: LVLD 767, Digital Aviation F100 support
.:: Weekly video broadcasts regarding our airline
.:: Teamspeak server
.:: Open structure communication
.:: Laid back bunch of guys, aware of the fact that this is a hobby for everyone and not a fulltime job

If you’re interested you can visit us at , the small, warm and friendly airline!

Tom Divendal
Air Mokum


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