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Celestial Air Announces Expansion

Miami, Florida– Celestial Air and Celestial Air, has entered into an lease agreement for  passenger and cargo services operations  with Miami International Airport beginning on or before January 2010 for the following routes : Miami-Dublin, Brussels, Warsaw, Helsinki, Milan, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, Cape town, Seoul, Mumbai, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

The following weekly trips:
Freq                 A/C Type
3 – Dublin        Airbus 330
7 -  Brussels     Airbus 330
3 – Warsaw      Airbus 330
3– Helsinki      Airbus 340
3-Milan            Airbus 330
2-Milan            MD-11F Air Cargo
7-Istanbul      Airbus 330
4-United Arab Emirates Airbus 340
4-Cape Town  Airbus 340
3-Seoul             B777-300 ER
7-Mumbai       B777-300 ER
7-Tokyo           B747-400 or B777-300 ER
7-Hong Kong  B747-400 or B777-300 ER

The above mentioned flights have started in the Dec-Jan schedule for Celestial Air and Celestial Air


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