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Alaska Adventures Seeks Pilots

Alaska Adventures is looking for some pilots who are looking to take on the Alaskian frontier, and is not afraid of a challenge. Alaska Adventures is a well established Virtual Airline. Beginning in the fall of 2007, Alaska Adventure is one of top Bush Virtual Airlines.

We operate Passenger, Cargo, Charter flights, and Heli drops. We run Alaska Adventures with some of the best planes out there. We also provide a few jet services with the CRJ200 & CRJ700. Alaska Adventures is based in Lake Hood, Alaska with hubs in Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, and Dutch Harbor.

Alaska Adventures offers our pilots our own ACARS and highly intergrated management system. If you love the thrill of flying props to lakefronts, mountain tops, and hundreds of public and private airstrips through out Alaska ans Western Canada. We would like to hear from you.

Stop by our website – and fill out your application and start your virtual career with Alaska Adventures.


2 Responses to Alaska Adventures Seeks Pilots

  • doeke brouwer says:

    I fly for many years now and would like to do more bush flying with other pilots.
    I am a retired crisis manager for many years and worked at all places in the world.
    I am interested but would like to fly on a server or via common server like digital teampark including teamspeak
    could you let me know a little more about your VA?
    kind regards
    doeke (duke)

  • Henry Kirk says:

    Hello Doeke,
    I am not sure any one has contacted you, but as the new director of Human Resources, I would like to welcome you to Alaska Adventures. We have a couple of things going that are unique, of course the first is Alaska….It truly is a majastic place to fly, and if you happen to have the ORBX scenery, well its even better! We offer a variety of tours that never expire so you can fly several at a time for more enjoyment. Our active police is the most generous of all the VA’s, 120 days. We hope you will fly more than that, but this is an airline that wants you to participate the way you want…..come over to the web site and take a look, fill out the form and give it a try, and contact me if I can be of help.

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