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EOS Virtual Now Open for Business

We have expanded Eos’ original operation from flying just JFK-STN, as we know not everyone has a spare 8 hours.  So we made a decision to establish a secondary hub at Portland Intl, KPDX, in the Seattle ARTCC region.  This decision has also led us to include other aircraft in the Eos fleet.  We have the 737-700, the 757-200 (which will be the backbone of our operations) and the 767-300.  Also included, along the lines, will be the MD-11.

Eos is proud to announce a partnership with Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, who’s sole route was Hong Kong to Gatwick.  We may expand these routes to include two more destinations, Sydney and Vancouver.  Oasis solely flies the 747-400 and this will be our long haul flight partner.

Eos Airlines utilizes the state of the art VAFS flight recording system.  This is the core of our operations, with all of our flights and data stored in this central system.  To view what flights we have available, load the VAFS Pilot Client, login with the details provided by us, and follow the prompts. You can book any flight you wish, as we do not have any restrictions on flying from your last arrival base.  All Flights must be flown on the VATSIM Network.

We also encourage you to fly at least one flight within 14 days of joining, and we understand not everyone can fly 8 hours flight every week, so we expect at least one flight every 90 days to keep current.

Our SOP’s (standard Operating Procedures) may be found here

Evan Thrams-CEO
EOS Virtual:


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