EuroHarmony Expands Down Under

Building on the success of our existing routes from Singapore across South-East Asia, EuroHarmony is proud to announce a series of brand new routes into and across the rugged and beautiful continent of Australia.

From WSSS we now fly to Cairns with a route via Daru, Papua New Guinea that takes you directly over the Great Barrier Reef. The existing route to Darwin has been extended to take you through the Red Centre of Oz to the legendary outback town of Alice Springs and then on to the bustling metropolis of Sydney.  The third Antipodean route takes you to Shark Bay World Heritage Site, home to a huge variety of marine life, then on to Perth, the capital of Western Australia.  The route continues via Adelaide, the artistic and cosmopolitan capital of South Australia to Hobart in the wilderness island of Tasmania.

So, to quote the locals, get yourself over to Ozzie mate, crack open a tinnie and chuck a prawn on the barbie !

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EuroHarmony VA is the friendly and relaxed European airline with a global reach. Now approaching our 10th Anniversary we offer a huge choice of scheduled, charter and bush flights across the globe backed up with a welcoming Forum, our top quality Flight Logger and the unique ProPilot system.


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