Lakefront Air Announces Fresh Livery, Enhanced Website and New Routes

Cleveland, OH – Lakefront Air Virtual ( recently unveiled its new-and-improved look along with changes to its flight operations.  Building on foundations that have developed since the airline’s launch in 2008, the latest from Lakefront includes a fresh new livery and an enhanced website.

“We wanted to focus on bringing in new pilots by creating an even better image for Lakefront Air,” stated CEO, Chris White at a recent press conference. “The new livery and website reflect our progression as an established virtual airline, and we hope the community will see that.”

Staff members will continue to update and refine the website, as many new features are reportedly in the works.

As part of the airline’s overhaul, Lakefront also announced service to 5 new cities and a shifted focus from its Milwaukee and Omaha hubs to its primary center of operations in Cleveland, Ohio. The new destinations now served by Lakefront Air include: Albany, NY; Rochester, NY; Hartford, CT; Louisville, KY; and Dallas, TX.

This brings the total number of Cleveland-based routes to 54, compared to just 17 and 7 at Milwaukee and Omaha respectively.

“As a Cleveland-based airline, we could think of no better place at which to expand our operations,” said White. “Flights at our Milwaukee and Omaha hubs didn’t prove to be very popular, so we decided to scale back those operations.”

Other sources indicated that Lakefront Air could introduce new destinations in the coming months on the west coast as well as in the Caribbean. Staff members declined to comment on future expansion plans.

“Time will tell us what’s in store for Lakefront,” concluded White. “This is a very exciting time for the airline, and I can assure you that our community will only grow stronger from here.”

Visit Lakefront Air Virtual at:


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