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Lakefront Air Announces Fresh Livery, Enhanced Website and New Routes

Cleveland, OH – Lakefront Air Virtual ( recently unveiled its new-and-improved look along with changes to its flight operations.  Building on foundations that have developed since the airline’s launch in 2008, the latest from Lakefront includes a fresh new livery and an enhanced website.

“We wanted to focus on bringing in new pilots by creating an even better image for Lakefront Air,” stated CEO, Chris White at a recent press conference. “The new livery and website reflect our progression as an established virtual airline, and we hope the community will see that.”

Staff members will continue to update and refine the website, as many new features are reportedly in the works.

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Lakefront Air Announces Delivery of their First Airbus A330-200

Lakefront Air is proud to announce the delivery of our first A330-200 from Airbus.   The aircraft is currently in Paris and will be flying to Cleveland, Ohio shortly, to start service.  Our first A330 is on schedule and should be ready for revenue service in the next week.  This is the first A330 of six on order from Airbus.  Lakefront Air should be receiving the next five in the next sixth months.  The first flights will be to Paris and London, once more A330s arrive Lakefront Air will serve many more European destinations.  More information on destinations is available on the routes page of the website.

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Lakefront Air Announces Changes in Service

Lakefront Air, an airline located in Cleveland, Ohio, will be making some major changes in 2010.  On January 1, 2010 we will be discontinuing our charter services, which were done in partnership with Michigan Aviation.  Our charter services operated the 737-200 aircraft with all first class seating.  Although our charter service has been well liked, we have found it increasingly harder to make revenue. Lakefront Air will be selling the aircraft prior to January 1, 2010.  At this point in time Lakefront is looking for potential airlines to acquire the three aircraft from the charter service. The potential airline can expect the aircraft to arrive on the first week of January of 2010. Continue reading


Lakefront Air Searches for New C.E.O.

Based the the Midwestern United States, Lakefront Air is on the lookout for a new Chief Executive Officer to lead the virtual airline into the new year. “We are taking the time to find a qualified CEO to insure the successes of Lakefront Air Virtual,” said founder Chris Lakefront, “[and] the job of the CEO at Lakefront is to be in charge of day-to-day operations.”  Lakefront Air strives to appease their small but growing pilot-base by offering the best of available services and they hope by attracting a new C.E.O., they will be able to continue in their stoic tradition. Interested applicants should send an email to:


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