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vSAC is a culmination of months of strategic planning to present a unique concept in a virtual USAF VA. We wanted something different that doesn’t emulate someone else’s work. The setting for this VA begins with you as a second Lieutenant in the year 1950. We are dealing with the Korean War with Viet Nam war looming in the future in the midst of the cold war. Our setting starts in 1950 and progress through 1990 and beyond. The fifties – sixties – and seventies were a very active period for the USAF.

During this era the airframes used by the USAF changed rapidly to our modern assets. Based on our rank structure a second lieutenant would have the following assets available (Second Lieutenant (0 ~ 40 Hours) (1950 ~ 1955) C-47,C-97,C119,C130) Please note all required assets not shown in this example.

You progress through the ranks, time and assets by your activity. A minimum of two flights per month is required.

vSAC PDF documents cover all you need to know to get started. This is a structured program and following instructions is a key to your success. What we don’t have is a VATSIM requirement, airframe training (We assume you have been doing this for sometime) or check rides. There are exams that only effect the rank of lieutenant Colonel and colonel. Our assets are extensive but the ones listed in the rank structure are required (One flight in each airframe under each rank must be completed prior to progressing to the next rank) there are minimum flight durations for each category of aircraft, this is spelled out in the PDF’s.

You won’t find a stiff, hierarchical organization here. We do have people “in charge”, but their role is more to help the other pilots, keep the website and stuff working and to keep what we call “the game” on track. They do not represent any sort of formal authority.

We do utilize Teamspeak 3 as our main communications media. We provide a forum and two Flight multi-play servers. There are ribbons – medals – badges you can earn. There are structures mission based on world events during the early and late years as indicated from time to time. We have scheduled flights and we use a free flight mode to create your own routes.

vSAC is presently staffed by members of our flagship program Virtual Air Mobility Command founded in 2009. vAMC is located at this is a lite program, all our idea’s for vSAC have come from our experiences over the past two years. we could not implement vSAC into VAMC as it would have required a major re-structure so we went with a stand alone program.

You have nothing to lose by stopping by. We have made all but a couple links visible to the public so you don’t have to register/apply to see what we are about.

We are not interested in speculators we are interested in serious flight simmers who are going to contribute to the program. So please read the documents found at the site before you decide to join.

David Zaleski
Roy Eliman


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