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vStrategic Air Mobility Command Celebrates 3 Years of Operations

Virtual SAC will celebrate its third anniversary on April 10th. Recently we merged two sites, Virtual Air Mobility Command & Virtual Strategic Air Command to form our present program. Originally it was our intent to let these programs stand alone until we wound up bouncing between to sites with a structural differences that created a lot of confusion.

So we returned to out roots as a cargo VA wrapped in Air Force skins.”Trash Haulers” if it fits in the doors, we haul it anywhere in the world. There is no heavy structure or restrictions to what and where you fly as we allow you the pilot in our basic mode to create his/hers own routes.

Opportunities not only in rank progression, but ribbons, medals, badges and bonus hours. You can fly as lite as the L19 through the C-17, not to mention the F-14, 16 and a host of other Air National Guard assets. Its about having fun. Its all about flying. No standing at attention or saluting. So stop by take a look around, we left all the tabs open to the public.

General David Zaleski
Chairman to the Joints Chiefs


Presenting Virtual Strategic Air Command & Virtual Military Air Transport Service

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vSAC is a culmination of months of strategic planning to present a unique concept in a virtual USAF VA. We wanted something different that doesn’t emulate someone else’s work. The setting for this VA begins with you as a second Lieutenant in the year 1950. We are dealing with the Korean War with Viet Nam war looming in the future in the midst of the cold war. Our setting starts in 1950 and progress through 1990 and beyond. The fifties – sixties – and seventies were a very active period for the USAF.

During this era the Continue reading


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