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Central Asian Airlines Announces New Routes to Central Europe


Central Asian Airlines is proud to announce the opening of its latest route to Prague in the Czech Republic. The route will start on 7 September and serve the Central European hub 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The route will be flown in the airline’s state-of-the-art Boeing 757-200.

The management of Central Asian Airlines is excited about this new route: “connecting Central Asia to Central Europe opens new perspectives, not only for business, but certainly also for tourism. The Czech capital is a most beautiful city and very worthwhile of a visit. Additionally, thanks to our extensive network into Asia, this offers to the Central European market a new way of flying into Asia: the comfort of any other airline at a fraction of the cost.”

The opening of this route is part of a larger expansion into Europe. The airline has also announced it is investigating possible routes into New York and/or Boston in the United States. Many Kazakh expats live in the States and it would be the first time an airline based in Kazakhstan would connect to the North American continent.

This comes at a time where Central Asian has discontinued its route between Almaty and Vancouver in Canada. In a statement, the management of the airline declared that the route was unprofitable. According to the latest press release, it may look at reopening the route at a later stage, but using an intermediate stop in Asia instead of flying a direct route.


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