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Announcing Global Virtual Airlines!

Global Virtual Airlines has been in operation since early December 2010 and first started out as a small 10 person Virtual airline named Frontier Virtual Airlines.  In Late December, the Founder of Frontier Virtual Airlines renamed the VA to Global Virtual Airlines in hopes of a better standing VA.  Since the name change we have been providing very extensive services such as Team speak 3, Virtual Airline Financial Systems, and our own downloadable repainted aircraft.   A Quote from the founder/president of Global Virtual Airlines says ” I Think of Global Virtual Airlines as a nice, enjoyable, and relaxing airline;  and I hope/believe that this airline will last for a long time.”
Right now Global Virtual Airlines is holding at about 20+ active members.  We hope that you will come join us on our TeamSpeak3 server posted on our website. Thank you for reading and alwayse, save flying!
Visit the website at and Start your experience Today!

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