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Atlantic International Virtual Airlines Chooses Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Will services 19 Destinations from its Mid Atlantic Hub

DULLES, VA/ Dec. 16/ — Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) announces today that the re-launch airline will initially operate 19 new cities from their Washington Dulles International Airport Domicile.  The comeback Airline has decided to use the E170, B737, B757 and B763 aircraft’s for the company fleet. Today’s announcement is the result of a partnership among AIV, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Embraer, The Boeing Company and the State of Virginia.

“Atlantic International Virtual Airlines is making a significant investment in the Metropolitan Washington Area and Dulles International Airport. This strategic investment is designed to maximize Washington’s assets, create a positive environment for business and serve as a vehicle for tourism to the entire United States,” said Andrew Horn, Atlantic International Virtual, Vice President of Corporate Operations. ”

Below you will see Atlantic International Virtual Airlines start up cites for the year 2012 and we will continue to add more new cites in 2013:

Anchorage, Alaska. (ANC)
Atlanta, Georgia. (ATL)
Boston, Massachusetts. (BOS)
Chicago, Illinois. (MDW)
Denver, Colorado. (MIA)
Greensboro, North Carolina
Houston, Texas. (IAH)
Kansas City, Kansas. (MCI)
Los Angeles, California. (LAX)
Miami, Florida. (MIA)
Nashville, Tennessee
New York, New York. (JFK)
Mexico City, Mexico. (MEX)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
San Francisco, California. (SFO)
San Juan, Puerto Rico. (SJU)
Seattle, Washington. (SEA)
Syracuse, New York
Toronto, Canada. (YYZ)

Atlantic International Virtual Airlines and its partners will deploy a diverse young fleet of aircraft at the Washington Domicile. All flights will be operated with a combination with Boeing 737s, 752,  763 and Embrarer 170 aircraft.  We will continue to add more aircraft to Atlantic International Virtual fleet that is fuel efficiency, said Mary Jones, Director of Corporate Development, Atlantic International Virtual.  “I am very pleased on the progress so far on the development of Atlantic International Virtual, said Robert Sayles, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic International Virtual.  Atlantic International Virtual plans to launch in 2012 and for more information on Atlantic International Virtual, please visit


Atlantic International Virtual Airlines Background and History
Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) will be for simulation pilots, an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using Microsoft flight simulation software. Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) is a virtual airline based on the concept of the real world airlines operations. AIV consist of real world airline employees and aviation enthusiasm looking to give flight simulation enthusiasts a taste of real world airline operations

Feel free to visit Atlantic International Virtual Airlines web site at

CONTACT: Atlantic International Virtual Airlines. Corporate Communications


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