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Ohio Express Now Hiring

Columbus, OH— It’s a great pleasure to announce, that Ohio Express Virtual Airlines is hiring  pilots, however there is limited space available, We are only looking to hire 20 active pilots.  Our objective with hiring a limited group is to provide a close knit group of pilots to make this airline successful and expand beyond all expectations.  Ohio Express is a professionally operated virtual Express air carrier, based in the U.S. at Port Columbus International Airport

At Ohio Express we offer, awards, and commendations as you progress through your airline career.  We offer assistance in training with online flying, we have an acars system that allows you to file PIREPS and track your flights.  We offer a great aircraft selection, with a choice of several repaints, created by some expert aircraft painters.

Ohio Express Airlines is looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, and also allows opportunities for advancement to management and a staff for aspiring pilots.  If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for a devoted airline, to destinations across the U.S and select markets, and camaraderie of a group of pilots, visit us at and submit an application.

About Ohio Express
Ohio Express Airlines Launched operations March 7, 2011. Ohio Express Airlines was founded by Chief Executive officer and President Justin Caughenbaugh in Early July of 2010.  Ohio express was developed to connect Ohio to major parts of the eastern part of the country and a few International destinations.  After a few months of service the company had faced a time where pilots were scarce to the express economy, therefore Ohio express shut their doors to revamp the airline to create a better business model and to gain more revenue.  Ohio Express is now designed to emulate a real airline from the bottom up.  Like the real business world, money matters! We’ll grow like an airline grows, composed and calculated.  You can count on it.  We begin our operations with a fleet consisting of an Beechcraft B1900-D for our short local routes, We will have an Embraer 145 to take our passengers to all of our domestic destinations and the last aircraft the Ohio express offers is the Boeing 757-200 with state of the art technologies like, direct TV on board at every seat, and in flight internet..

Our Fleet & Destinations
Ohio Express announced earlier in the week that they will lease three brand new aircraft:
·         3 Embraer 145
·         1Boeing 757-200
·         1 Beechcraft 1900D
With this fleet we are going to utilize every plane on every minute of the day, ranging from the northeast, Midwest, southeast, and few international destinations. Ohio Express is currently in winter Schedule phase.

See you in the Skies

Ohio Express Airlines
President & CEO
Justin Caughenbaugh


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