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EuroHarmony VA announces the James Bond ProPilot Event

EuroHarmony VA is pleased to announce our next ProPilot Event which celebrates 50 years of James Bond films, from the release of “Dr No” in 1962 to the eagerly awaited “Skyfall” which debuts in October 2012. Adventurous pilots everywhere can join us for 23 exciting flights, one for each of the Bond films which will take us around the globe to many of the key locations in the second highest-earning film series ever. We will be flying a specially adapted Airbus A318 Elite in FS2004, FSX and X-Plane; a modern bizjet that offers all the refinements and comforts 007 himself would expect.

So if you’d like to revisit 50 years worth of gadgets, girls and glamour, come on over to EuroHarmony VA and sign up for our “007 ProPilot Event” now – the excitement begins on April 27th!

EuroHarmony VA is an 11 year old international VA with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We support FS9, FSX and X-Plane pilots with an extensive fleet of modern and historic aircraft, a huge timetable, specialist Divisions, VFR Tours, Missions and the unique ProPilot flight recording and feedback system. If you’ve ever wanted to fly with a VA but been too nervous or had a bad experience elsewhere, we’re just what you’re looking for!

Visit EuroHarmony on the web at:


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