bluWave Strengthens Balance Sheet with Purchase of HQ; CEO Slams MetroAir’s Overseas Expansion Plans

Las Vegas, NV — Reporters and media outlets erupted in firestorm Tuesday when bluWave Airlines CEO Connor Levens lashed into MetroAir Virtual’s recent decision to increase capacity on their Beijing-Ontario, CA and Beijing-Baltimore routes with the seven-year-old airline’s purchase of four (4) Airbus A380s. This occurred during a press conference in Henderson, NV in relation to bluWave’s newly announced acquisition of their current headquarters from Regus PLC along Horizon Ridge Parkway.

What sparked the discussion was a question a reporter asked the bluWave Airlines management team about what they thought about their competitor’s plans to utilize the jumbo jet on a route “so empty” while promising a shocking “average 98.6% load factor” on both flights. Levens, who seemed eager to answer the reporter’s question, replied without delay.

“I cannot see why any airline would want to launch service to Beijing out of two airports which are not, by any means, ‘primary international hubs’ for passengers,” Levens exclaimed. He continued to state that MetroAir, which has been operating out of Baltimore and Ontario, CA for the better part of five (5) years, has been operating international service out of these two hubs which are low in volume and that they cannot attain the crowds needed to sustain service between them and Beijing.

“I think what Connor is trying to say is that there’s something wrong with their calculations,” bluWave Airlines Director of Human Resources Michael Shaw added. Shaw criticized MetroAir’s load factor calculation and called it “too aggressive,” while Levens said it was beyond that.

Explaining what he felt MetroAir failed to do, the CEO of the two-year-old airline explained that his competitor was promising to fill over 500 seats on each flight, 100% of the time, four times a day between the two routes. He concluded by stating that, “Such a feat is nearly impossible and if they still claim to meet their expectations once these flights commence, then I would strongly encourage industry analysts to look into the way their marketing departments conduct research.”

bluWave Airlines has since signed an agreement with Regus PLC to purchase its 2-storey, 50,461 square foot building office building outside of Las Vegas. The building had been occupied solely by bluWave employees since the beginning of last month.

About bluWave Airlines

bluWave Airlines, Inc. was founded in the autumn of 2010 and serves eleven (11) destinations in seven (7) states and carries over four (4) million passengers annually (estimated). The airline holds a partnership with the Starbucks Corporation and serves the Starbucks House blend on each of its flights. Its flagship aircraft is the Boeing 737-800, each of which are equipped with winglets and the newest RNAV equipment. The airline is in no alliance and at the moment has no partnerships with other airlines in the virtual airline industry. bluWave Airlines, Inc. is not a public company.

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NOTE: This document is fictional. There is no real-world airline known as bluWave Airlines and there is no real-world affiliation with the Starbucks Corp.


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